To build an ecosystem for seniors with passion and compassion, providing services and care, facilitating what they aspire for, and helping preserve their knowledge and values, for generations to come.

Connect peer groups of seniors and offer them an interface to interact and exchange thoughts and useful information. Provide assistance in monitoring health and Service Managers to coordinate any help they may require. 

The Beginning

It all started with a few friends from my school alumni getting to chat about how life has transformed due to the pandemic.

The Realisation:

  • Almost all of us were away from our hometown, few within the country and many overseas.   
  • All of us felt the disconnect and a vulnerable feeling, more intensified due to the randomness of the current prevailing situation.
  • Many had lost their near and dear. Isolation and prevention protocols itched deep in the minds of elders. Even if the pandemic situation were to fade, how do we get life back to normal?

The Common Concern:

How our ageing parents would be managing their daily lives?

Single mother managing the home, all alone.

Someone to escort the father just in case he needs a helping hand.

The need for a home nurse, an urgent need for a plumber and so on.


The Detailed Analysis :

One extensive survey based on the various possibilities of services that could be offered was done.  A similar framework of questions  is shared with the parents to understand their aspirations and requirements



The Learning


An open ended survey was done covering different age groups. The following was the inference from this exercise:

Medical related:

  1. Age related health issues.
  2. Lifestyle diseases and the routine thereafter,
  3. Loneliness and anxiety leading to depression and other related health issues.
  4. Assistance with hospital visits. 
  5. Fall prevention.

Home Management:

  1. Dealing with routine maintenance, urgent repairs and replacements
  2. Need for special cleaning, trustworthy helper and consistent services.
  3. Help with bill pays, scheduling activities, errand and assisted services.
  4. Renovation of home, installing home safety devices and anti-skid options
  5. Coordinating on requirements of food, grocery and urgent needs.

Wellness Related:

  1. Need to connect with peer group and engage in social activities.
  2. Request to have avenues to participate in some leisure activity, learn new hobby rekindle memories with the intend to preserve good health for the mind and body.
  3. Interest in participating in volunteering activities or engage in any part-time job or consultancy.

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