1. The expert from Retirement Living extends information and manages services and care for Our Parents
  2. Software for database integration, scheduling, and task management as user-friendly application for use by Our Parents
  3. Parent buddy program anchored by students of reputed colleges providing emotional and social support for Our Parents
  4. Professional caregivers and qualified nurses for nursing and care for Our Parents.
  5. Community health management platform for managing care and improving the health of Our Parents
  6. Professional physiotherapy services and Fall Prevention program for Our Parents
  7. Support of  Geriatrician and other doctors from various specialisations for Our Parents.
  8. Fall risk assessment at home and prevention measures, providing grab bars, handrails, shower seats and anti-skid floor applications for Our Parents.
  9. Conduct periodic health check-ups, including dental check-ups at home for Our Parents. 
  10. Advice on nutrition, especially for the cure of lifestyle diseases with plant-based foods for Our Parents.
  11. The use of predictive analysis from artificial intelligence, interfacing cameras and motion sensors for preventive health care of Our Parents.
  12. Vendor to organize online events personalized for our parents in the language they prefer and free of cost for Our Parents. 
  13. Engaging professionals to help create podcasts sharing life experiences and other programs by Our Parents.
  14. Volunteering opportunities to teach English to government school teachers by Our Parents.
  15. Create forums to discuss and debate various topics of common interest of Our Parents.
  16. Create an online platform for clarifying the doubts of children by Our Parents.
  17. E-Library for exchanging and reading books of varied interest for Our Parents.
  18. Wellness practices benefit the ‘mind & body’ for Our Parents.
  19. Organise singing with Karaoke music involving friends and families of Our Parents.
  20. Installation of fire safety and gas detection devices at the homes of Our Parents.