Business of Ageing | CXO talk held at GRG School of Management Studies

Mr Prajosh Balakrishnan was invited to share views on the senior living industry at the CXO talk held at GRG School of Management Studies (PSGR Krishnammal College for Women) on 23rd September 2022. The topic was “Business of Ageing” sharing insights into the population demographics involving senior citizens and the problems they face. It also […]

<strong>Alzheimer’s</strong>…rings alarm bells, brings down the curtains, and pretty much strikes at the root of one’s mortality, causing fear, and despair…in short, spells the death knell to the person and the associated family. Is that exaggerated?

Seniors, golden-agers, doyens, patriarch, etc. are some common terms associated with the age groups suffering from Alzheimer’s, a specific neurodegenerative illness of generic dementia. Are we fully aware of it, the causes, treatment for slowing down its progress, management, etc.? The basic level of understanding and day-to-day management begins with the family members and caregivers […]

September This month brings to my mind many memories..

Memories of the past which made me feel devastated and lost, but with the passing of time added strength and positivity to life. The new beginning and the new version of me all started with this month. I am a cancer survivor. It has been six years now and I am good and healthy. While […]