Resources in place


CovaiCare are experts from the Retirement Living sector, providing advice in managing services for senior citizens and having an efficient system in place.

Innovatus Systems

Innovatus Systems is our knowledge partner providing the software for database integration, scheduling, and task management.


StudentsCare is a non-profit organization based in Miami, United States collaborating to run the Students Buddy program for the benefit of the Seniors. They define clear guidelines for selection, training and efficient functioning of the buddy program. They will also provide certification of participation to all students who qualify after the volunteering term.

PSGRKCW & GRG School of Management

PSGR Krishnammal College for Women (PSGRKCW) and their division GRG School of Management provide volunteering opportunities for their students to participate in the Senior-Buddy program of ‘OurParents’ initiative.

Dr Rahul's Elder care

Dr Rahul is the Geriatrician and Chief Doctor associated with of ‘OurParents’ Initiative.

First Physio Clinic

First Physio Clinic is our partner for offering professional physiotherapy services. They would also run the Fall Prevention program for the seniors of ‘OurParents’.


EldriCare is a health management company extending their Zeomega platform for managing care and improving the health of Seniors.

Horton Caregiver Services

Horton Caregiver Services are our partners in providing support with professional caregivers and qualified nurses for our preventive health management program.


Techknot are associated vendors for providing safety solutions involving cameras and motion sensors integrated with Artificial Intelligence.

Hitech Fire Service and senior aid

‘Hitech Fire Service and senior aid’ are partners with ‘OurParents’ venture. They conduct the fall risk assessment at the houses and organize fixing the fall prevention measures like grab bars, handrails shower seats and anti-skid applications for slippery floors. They specialize in fire safety devices.


Volunteering opportunities are open to all seniors to participate and have the satisfaction of being a part of a large moment of change in the countries education system.

RSK Alumni group

RSK Alumni group will interface with experts in their fields will share their knowledge or expertise on some topic which will be a moment of integration in the group. This will also open up the avenues to tap into the repository of knowledge of our senior members. Eventually, this will open up as an online platform for clarifying doubts for children (Chegg model).


Activity partner organize online events personalized for our parents in the language they prefer. This will promote the active life concept for seniors.


We are partners with the community radio initiative anchoring the Life Experiences program on the .

Dr Saravanan

Dr Saravanan is our advisor on plant-based foods and consultant for wellness initiatives.

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