Memories of the past which made me feel devastated and lost, but with the passing of time added strength and positivity to life. The new beginning and the new version of me all started with this month.

I am a cancer survivor. It has been six years now and I am good and healthy.

While battling with cancer I realised how important life is to me. The going was tough with ups and downs. With young kids at home, doing a parental role too was not an easy task. The painful days with hospital visits, treatment and all, became a part of life. My family and well wishers were my biggest support on my journey. Today I’m here back to form with renewed energy and outlook on life.

I realise that there is very less awareness about the dreaded disease and people never like to talk about it.

I had then wanted to reach out and create a group for survivors with similar experiences, to just be there, care and share.

On this “World Rose Day’ I wish to anchor this through ‘OurParents’ buddy program initiative –

Come join us.
We are there to hear you, support you and see you through this passing phase of life.

Let’s together fight cancer

By Ms. Sulatha Prajosh


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