Seniors, golden-agers, doyens, patriarch, etc. are some common terms associated with the age groups suffering from Alzheimer’s, a specific neurodegenerative illness of generic dementia. Are we fully aware of it, the causes, treatment for slowing down its progress, management, etc.?

The basic level of understanding and day-to-day management begins with the family members and caregivers of the affected person. Unfortunately, this is diagnosed more frequently amongst seniors, who have to contend with the other natural aspects/issues related to aging as well.

On this day of significance, OURPARENTS,  as we all know have taken the initiative to introduce the Companion for Seniors – Buddy Programme with regard to the seniors in general, paving way for creating awareness among the present generation about those in their golden years, as well as augment the support system of the caregivers in many ways.

The elderly around the world, be they from developed nations or otherwise mostly have the same common requirements… Socio-cultural companions, healthcare schemes and systems, and financial, and legal advisors, pertaining to their specific needs. These requirements and needs would be met by OurParents, engaging counsellors, consultants, and other support teams.  Our buddies; would be trained in various nuances of the psycho-social approach, and cultural awareness. OurParents aims and envisions to associate itself with this sector and function as a cornerstone in this effort, hoping to create a movement in the lives of the seniors and in the minds of the younger volunteers of the Companion for Seniors program.

How can we engage, appreciate, encourage, integrate and incentivise our multi-faceted seniors in our lives? This would be the basic mantra of OurParents initiative.,

Come join the movement and enjoy the moment…

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